Before you had your baby, did you have an ideal about how it would be, to be a parent?

After having your baby, was parenting not what you expected, and much harder and more exhausting than you thought possible?

Did you plan on parenting in a certain way, and now you feel like you just can't hold on to those parenting beliefs and values because it is so very hard?

Are you wanting to be able to meet ALL of your babies needs, and ALL of your own too?

Do you feel empowered by accurate information, that gives you a new perspective, and practical tools that allow you to utilise that information?

This is why I have created the Connected Infant Sleep Course.

A course that isn't about giving you the same old information about swaddling, the feed-play-sleep routine, or sleep training.

It is not a course about teaching you how to teach your baby to sleep.

This is a course that empowers you with accurate information about infant sleep, and gives you the tools that supports the biological needs that influences sleep.

A course about how to foster the natural and organic processes that nurture your baby's relationship with sleep.

Why This Course Is For You

If you want to be able to support your baby's sleep that also supports their emotional development.

If you want to meet their needs, but also not have to push and struggle through frequent night wakings.

If you don't want to feel so exhausted and "out of options" that you feel like the only option you have is some form of controlled crying.

If you want to feel more connected to yourself and to your baby.

If you want to be given tangible tools that support yours and your infants sleep, both in the evenings and during the day.

If you want to know the real reasons why, and how,  different factors influence not only your baby's sleep, but yours and your families too.

Then this is the course for you.

Set to launch on the 11th of September, I hope you enjoy it and I so look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts.

Some Benefits Of The Connected Infant Sleep Course

Empowered Through Information:

Knowledge is power, of course, but only if it is accurate. There is so much misinformation out there about infant sleep, so very much, and one of the greatest benefits of this course is that the information is based on biology, neurology, epiginetics, and the most widely accepted developmental theories, among other things.

You see, information forms the foundation of our perception, and perception informs our experience of life; therefore the right information changes everything.

Practical Tools That Transform Sleep:

Information changes our perception, but practical tools gives us choice.

What this course offers is not only accurate information, but tools and suggestions that support the natural and organic development of an infants sleep, emotional regulation, connection, secure attachment, and more.

It is those tools that give you a third choice. No longer feeling like you have to sacrifice your own sleep and push through wakeful nights, but neither do you have to feel pushed to use methods that you don't value and don't agree with.

Be More In Tune With Yourself:

Self-Care is incredibly important to the parenting relationship.

If you are not at your best, then it is impossible for you to give your best. We as parents are often made to believe that we have to be perfect, that we have to do everything on our own, that we have to be everything at all times, but it isn't possible, and in fact it wouldn't be beneficial.

Your baby needs you, they don't need perfection, they only need you; and you are the perfect match for them.

And this course aims to support you in being more in tune with you, your instincts, and your individuality, not just as a parent; but as a unique human being, because that makes a huge difference in your capacity to be the parent you want to be.

What The Connected Infant Sleep Course Includes

  • Four Core Modules
  • One Bonus Module
  • Video Tutorials
  • PDF Readings
  • Print Outs Shareable With Partners
  • Journal Ideas to Support Observations
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to a Private Facebook Support Group

This Course May Not Be For You

If you wish to use any form of controlled crying, controlled comforting, comfort settling, responsive settling, spaced soothing etc.

If you do not believe that babies have feelings and need to have them heard.

If you are not willing to be open to ideas you may not have come across before.

If you aren't willing to explore your own beliefs and feelings.

If you do not wish to do the work. It will only work if you do.

You Really Can Support Your Baby's Sleep Without Giving Up Your Own

I would love to invite you on that journey!